What is CORR®?

Human beings are relational creatures; most everything we experience is about relationship. So, why do we experience so much frustration, disappointment and pain in them?

Part of the problem is that we want everything fast—fast food, fast cars, fast Internet connections—we don't have time to waste. Then you have the lure of chemistry, the tick-tock and hormonal surges of biology, and the profound psychological love imprints; the combination of which sends us into overwhelm or autopilot when they emerge all demanding attention at once. What to do? If you're tired of your old brain running the show and want a conscious, healthy, fulfilling relationship, you have come to the right place!

We designed this on-demand program (CEU provider # 4757) for people who want to make one of the most valuable investments of their lives and get the highest return. It's an invitation to be present, responsible, awake, and turn the relationship you've always wanted into reality!

Sign up now and find out:

- The number-one reason most relationships end badly
- Why men lie and women are desperate for commitment
- How to experience true love even if you're single
- What a relationship tool belt is and why you need one
- How being internally referenced will change your life

This program is online, on demand. You'll watch a video of Maryanne teaching a workshop, read pages from the accompanying workbook, and answer the questions onsite. You can take as much time as you like, and we invite you to take the time; it's essential work, and can be as deep as you wish to go. When you're finished the program, submit your entries for feedback, and we'll send you the Certification symbol you can display online, showing potential partners that you have taken care to make relationship a priority. When you see other profiles with that symbol, you'll know you've both been exposed to a common language of responsibility and integrity...a great foundation for creating a healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationship!

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